Prof R K Jamwal

Dear Students,

Heartiest welcome to Govt. College, Indora.

Since its establishment our sincere, productive & concerted efforts have setup a system within the College which is not only responsive and sensitive but also pro-active towards the needs and requirements of students, who expect better & better from the Institution in all respects. Accordingly, a prompt, response-oriented approach on the part of the staff is highly solicited in all spheres of students’ activities.

When we talk of environment, a quick flash goes through our mind that the environment in which a student grows, be it home environment, school environment, institutional environment, social environment, religious environment and political environment, contributes enormously in shaping their attitude & personality. Needless to add, the onus lies on the Institution to provide such an environment to the students. At Govt. College Indora, we have succeeded to a large extent in achieving such an environment, which both challenges and motivates students to explore their full potential. Not only the students have high expectations from the institution, the institution in turn expects them to achieve the demanding targets of global as well as Indian society.

It is no exaggeration that the students of Govt. College, Indora have done exceptionally well, both in academic and co-curricular activities, besides making tremendous contribution in the field of social arena. We firmly believe that our students have an edge and their three-year stay in this temple of learning would ensure their aIl round development.
Students ambitions & aims, their big dreams, hard work, enthusiasm, academic acumen an important attributes are well taken care of by Govt. College, Indora, which provides intellectual support resources to them to help them elevate their thoughts to great heights. Govt.College, Indora inculcates the habit of reading, writing, and speaking in its students. They are encouraged to participate in extra Co-curricular activities such as debate, declamation, and Cultural activities etc.

Please do not hesitate and feel shy in contacting the teaching staff, office staff and Principal whenever you feel to have their support and help.

With best wishes and blessings for the upcoming academic session!

Best Wishes,
Prof R K Jamwal