Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators, but learners may also educate themselves.


In today’s World Information Technology has become essential and this has greatly enhanced the value of Computer Applications. We cannot visualize any work situation or job opportunity which does not require proficiency in Computer Applications. To keep up with these rapidly changing requirements for new skills the Institute decided to start the BCA course from the Academic Year 2019-2020 under self finance scheme. The Institute maintains high standards of education and will continue to augment the infrastructure for running this course annually.

Name Sh. Vikas
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification BSc., MCA,
Experience 10 years
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Economics Department of Govt. degree College Indora acquaints the students with the basic concept of economics. Economics is an art and a science of choice making between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses to obtain maximum satisfaction welfare and growth. As part of the preparation process, the Economics Department faculty, has adopted the specific programme outcomes to be achieved by the Economics department. Economists are required in both public and private sectors. They get prestigious jobs in the government sector like Indian Economics services, Indian Civil Services, Reserve Bank of India, Commercial Banks, National sample survey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NITI Aayog, National Council for Applied Economic Research and National institutions of Public Finance and Policy, Directorate of Economics/Statistics and Ministry of Labour and Employment.

In private sector, Economics graduates are absorbed in banks, MNC’s, BPO’s, KPO’s, business journals, newspaper and other media. They can work in organisations as economic advisors, consultants, financial analysts and stock market analyst. They can also opt for the degree of Chartered Accountancy. Even social activists, media persons and politician seek help of economics terminology in raising their slogans. Administrators feel more comfortable if they are well-versed in economics terminology.

Graduates of Economics from our college have been appointed as accountants in nationalized banks and cooperative banks, teachers in schools, lectures in colleges, lawyers, enumerators in statistical Departments of Himachal Pradesh, invigilators in National Sample Survey Organisation and National Council of Applied Economics Research and investigators in CSO’s and even as Judicial Magistrates in Himachal Pradesh.

Talented and qualified faculty has been instrumental in the growth of the Department. Every year the college gets an overwhelming response for Economics at undergraduate level. In future too, the department would strive to maximize its achievements

Name Dr. Vivek Kumar
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.A., M.Phil., BE.d., Ph.D.
Experience 8 years
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he Department of English has the same year of establishment as the Govt Degree College Indora, 1995. The department has onewell qualified faculty member. The college has a language lab to horn students’ communication proficiency. The department has been engaged in improving teaching methods and materials in consonance with the requirements of the fast changing scenario of English studies. Globalization has brought effective communication skills to the forefront of academics. Considering this, the conventional BA (English) curriculum has been revamped by the HP University, Shimla with respect to the course content. Along with the developing of the literary competence among students the courses like Writing Skills, Soft Skills, Technical Writing, Business communications, Functional English, Translation Studies and Translation Principles and Compulsory English have been introduced to equip the students with necessary communication skills and to cater to the glocal (global + local) needs of the students opting English as a core course and enhance their employability.

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Department of Geography started in 2015 at undergraduate level in Govt Degree College Indora. At present the department is running undergraduate course in Geography.This course in geography prepare the students for pursuing career in academics, teaching, urban and regional planning, applications of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems and various public services. The faculty of Geography is pursuing research in the field of Environmental Geography. The department has Computer Laboratory to facilitate studies involving remote sensing techniques, GPS software, digital processing of images.


The Department was founded in 1995 and has currently 1 faculty member actively involved in teaching. Faculty Members arerenowned as thinkers and contributors to the discipline of History and as specialists in their respective domains. Faculty Membersat Govt Degree College Indora are teaching history to nearly 250 undergraduate students.

Name Sh Yajurvinder Giri
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.A.,
Experience 5 years
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The Department of Hindi is the one and only prime institution of this region for learning and teaching of Hindi. During 1995 this department was established at Govt Degree College Indora. The department from the very first day is seriously and sincerely engaged in making Hindi popular. Department is teaching hindi according to the UGC syllabi and guidelines. The most practical and useful part of teaching is : Rajbhash Prashikshan, Proyojan Mulak Hindi, which is the demand of the day. Bhartiya Sahitya &Lok Sahitya are two very useful subjects which are the part of teaching. Time to time Dept. organizes literary activities in the department.

Name Prof. Kulwant Singh
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification MA (Gold Medalist)., M.Phil.,
Experience 25 years
Mobile no .      +919418451228


The Department established in the year 1995, is engaged in teaching, and training in the discipline of Public Administration. The Department has achieved academic excellence especially through its academic ventures by organising lectures, different activities.It is a single faculty department and is fullfilling the need of around 250 undergraduate students in the study of public administration.

Name Miss. Deepti
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.A., BE.d.
Experience 5 years
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Department of Political Science was established in this college at the time of its inception in 1995 when arts classes were started. The department organises Seminar’s, Lecture’s and Discussion on the current socio-political Issue’s from time to time.

Scope of Political Science: The scope of Political Science is very vast. It is an integral subject of social science i.e. it concern’s with practice and principle’s of politics. It is also an analysis and interpretation of political system. Since it covers all aspects of political system of a country, it, therefore, has five main branches-political theory, public theory, comparative politics, international relations and public law. Political Science covers a wide area of subject and it provides individual with knowledge of various fields and links him with political system.

Aim and Objective of Political Science: After having the Political Science degree, a student can look for the future jobs as the Public Administration department, Politics, Marketing fields, NGO’s, Law’s, Electoral and Polling Politics, Teaching and Campaign Management. International Social Organizations such as WHO, UNICEF and more offer great carriers of prospects for those who want to become political scientist and political researchers.

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Effective Physical Education classes help the child to develop skill and confidence, maintaining physical fitness, learn about personal health and wellness and demonstrate positive social skill. A balanced Physical Education programme provides each student with an opportunity to develop into a physically-educated person; one who learns skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities, is physically fit, participates regularly in physical activity, knows the benefits from involvement in physical activity and it’s contributions to a healthy lifestyle. For all students to become physically educated, instruction is designed for all students with special consideration for students who need help the most, less skilled students and students with disabilities. Students who are skilled and blessed with innate ability have many opportunities to learn. All students must feel successful if they are expected to enjoy and value physical activity. Activity is the basis of the programme and offers opportunities for repetition and refinement of physical skills. Activities are success oriented so students are motivated to continue. Physical Education prepares students to participate in activities they can perform when they are adults. The physical education programme will be of little value to the majority of adults if it is restricted to team sports. Participation in sport activities declines rapidly with age.

Name Sh Raj Kumar Jamwal (CV)
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification M.A., M.PEd., M.Phil.,NIS
Experience 23 years
Mobile no .      +919418233077


Department of Music at Govt degree college is headed by Sh. Ranju presently and is engaged in teaching music at the undergraduate level. The Department has special emphasis on teaching of Indian Classical Music.

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Welcome to the webpage of Department of Sanskrit. This department was started with the establishment of College in 1995. It is a single faculty department. It offers course to undergraduate classes. It relates the students with their culture. By taking this subject students can seek employment in the field of Jyotish, Aacharya, Teaching, Banking Sector, etc. Students can adopt this subject as an optional subject to Indian Civil Service’s and Provincial services.

Name Smt. Rekha Pathania
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.A., M.Phil.
Experience 25 years
Mobile no .      +919464992383


Welcome to the webpage of Department of Sociology. This department was started with the establishment of College in 1995.It is a single faculty department. It offers course to undergraduate classes. It relates the students with their day to day life.By taking this subject students can seek employment in the field of Social Defence, Social Planning, Medical, Social Welfare, Social Projects, Education, etc. Students can be appointed as a Child Development Officer, Social Welfare Officer, Probation Officer, Labour Officer, teachers in higher education, etc. Students can adopt this subject as an optional subject to Indian Civil Services and Provincial Services.

Name Dr.Suresh Chaudhary
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.A., LLB.,Ph.D.
Experience 6 years
Mobile no .      +919418546112